Thursday, January 31, 2013

Before and Afters: A round up of my Apartment Therapy "January Cure" Projects

It's the last day in January, thus I wanted to check in with my home accomplishments from Apartment Therapy's January Cure Challenge!  Here is my little round up of some before and afters. I'm going to elaborate on my bigger January Goal project- our daughter's bedroom, hopefully later today (or tomorrow!), after I finish the second curtain and take more pictures. We started the month off on a roll and despite being knocked flat with colds in the middle of the month, we pushed through and got a lot accomplished! Read my very first post HERE.

Above: the shelves in our living room/family room were decorated for Christmas at the beginning of the month, and over the course of January this little corner was tweaked. First the decorations came down and I reorganized the frames and objects on top, which subsequently rearranged the other surfaces of our family room. In keeping with one of the daily Apartment Therapy email challenges: to weed out books and magazines, I also recycled a big stack of magazines and you should see the pile of books in the basement waiting to list on Amazon. I also removed the chair from the right corner, which frees up both visual and physical space. Sounds crazy to take away seating options, but we have enough in this room and I can always bring it back should the need arise. And finally, the biggest change and addition to this corner is the lovely lamp from Bunny William's Beeline Home, that my sister gave me for Christmas. It adds a more modern element to the room. The previous lamp (that belonged to my grandparents) is now back in our bedroom, which was perfect since I lost a lamp to our daughter's new bedroom.

The kitchen in our rental is seriously dated, there are strange mirrors, a bar sink, and yellow plaid wallpaper, and then this funny built in above the sink. I day dream that if one were to do a minor revamp of the kitchen you could transform this built in into a deeper cabinet with a door that would house and hide the microwave, freeing up more counter space. In the meantime, I use these shelves to house some decorative objects as well as some functional kitchen items. However it was too cluttered and some objects needed to go elsewhere and be with other like objects. IE: the blue recipe box is now with our recipe books on the bookshelf in our dining room. It still feels a little crowded, but the 10 minute rearrange is a welcome improvement.

Entryway: We have a small collection of wool rugs that once belonged to my grandparents, and this lovely green and red rug is one of many. When we moved in in October, we needed a rug by the front door and this one was great initially, but in actuality was too small and buckled easily under foot and when opening and closing the door. So I happened to find this black and white rug by Nate Berkus at Target last week, that was thicker and bigger, and perfect for the space. Our living room has a lot of prints and color in it and I've been wanting to introduce more black and white/ graphic/ modern elements into the space, plus this rug stays in place. Hooray, all objectives accomplished! 

And if you've been following along this month I wrote a post about
reorganizing "the Staging area", by our front door. Read the Details HERE.

I also wrote about de-cluttering and organizing my
Bedroom Dresser. Read more about it's transformation Here.

And a post I wrote about adding more "Obje" to our home decor.

And a here's a little sneak peek of my bigger January Goal Project- Our Daughter's bedroom. Post to follow!

In conclusion, I have really enjoyed participating in Apartment Therapy's January Cure. I love the over riding lesson that much can be accomplished in a spare 10 minutes here and there. Those 10 minute clean ups add up to a bigger chunk of time at the end of the week to spend on larger, more in depth projects. So yeah, I'm gonna give my 30 week pregnant self a big pat on the back as I keep the motivation going into accomplishing more goals for February!

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