Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year's Resolution Update: Note Cards to the Rescue!

As I mentioned last week, the husband and I are on a bit of a nesting kick in prep for our newest family member's arrival in April and also equally inspired by the start of the New Year! There is still a lot of odds and ends that need to be done around the house we are renting... those little things that didn't quite get addressed when we moved in. So we are using Apartment Therapy's idea to stay organized- by writing tasks down on note cards. The idea is to pull one note card a day and to complete the task and thus cross it off your list!  On Sunday, my mom took care of our Daughter, allowing the husband and I to complete at least 3-4+ note cards each! It's fun to think of the day when we will scratch our heads to come up with new note cards (although I'm sure one never runs out of things to do... but at least the bigger nesting things will be taken care of!).

Below is a little round up of what we completed this Sunday. This challenge is also opening up my eyes to all that can be accomplished in a spare hour each day!

Note Card #1: re organize the bathroom cabinets and linen closet.

Sorry I don't have a before shot to illustrate what a transformation this was.
Basically- I still had queen sheets in this closet to a queen bed we no longer have! Plus there were towels that should be retired to dog and car washing towels. So once they were removed and housed elsewhere, this freed up a lot of space. I added a green tupperware bin on the floor of the closet to house beach towels and other jumbo XXL towels- rolled up to allow easier access to each individual towel, as opposed to folded and stacked...

I also had enough room to put all of the extra bathroom bits and pieces that don't need to live in the cabinets full time- IE: Toilet paper, extra soap, and tooth paste, etc. I used plastic kitchen tupperware to categorize and keep like things together. As well as a fold up metal closet shelf to use the height of the space as well.

Note Card #2: Rug pads for our new runners.

The runners we got for Christmas, FINALLY have rug pads underneath them! Now they no longer slip and slide around through out the day requiring us to constantly fix them. I don't know why I dragged my feet about this one... I guess it just never felt like a priority plus I knew I had some rug pads I just didn't know where they were!? Quick TIP! Once the pads were cut, I used a hot glue gun to adhere the pad to the back of the rug, on all the corners and along the sides. Because nothing is more annoying than when the rug pad and rug are constantly at war with one another. It's like walking around with your slip showing! how ghastly!

Hall Closet:

On the husband's list was to finish hanging the remaining blinds our landlord got for the house. He hung 8 blinds on Sunday!!!  He also added this hook to the closet door to hang our grocery bags. They previously hung on a hook back in the closet that caused them to take up valuable coat space. This was a simple yet genius idea that makes our hall closet more efficient. Lesson learned- use the door for storage! Below the hook is a set of hooks we hung for our daughter back in the early fall. These hooks allow her to have easy access to her coats, she loves to get her coat in the morning and hang it up in the evening. These little pieces of toddler independence and self sufficiency mean so much to her, plus it helps us out too! 

Nesting: the 3rd Bedroom. *BEFORE*
What once was my studio for a couple of months, is now becoming a room for a little one. (My studio is now in our basement. I'll share pictures once it's more presentable.) We just can't decide if we should move the toddler into this 3rd bedroom... or make it the baby's room...? Too many pros and cons to list, but I think ultimately it will become the toddler's room. Thus many more pictures to come!

And the AFTER shot.

Just a few subtle differences. On Thursday we went to a local discount carpet warehouse and bought this pale cream/yellow carpet for the room. (looks better in person) Then on Sunday the husband hung the faux wooden blinds, which immediately updated the room! Plus the room is cozier and once I sew some black out curtains for the windows, the room will be perfect for promoting sleep! hooray!!!

I've also been given the go ahead from our landlord to paint the wood paneling white!!! This will also update the room and make it feel more open. The toddler informs me that she wants blue curtains! And we've discussed the possibility of her having a "big girl" bed (with a blue pillow of course). Which I'm still debating if she and more importantly ME- are ready for this...? Although one of the more consistent lessons I've learned about parenting is- sometimes they just need a little nudge and then they will take off running. And like her coat hooks in the closet, these elements of independence really fill her up with confidence and promote more self sufficiency. So we shall see on that front!

In Conclusion:
By using this Note Card method- it's really exciting and somehow more manageable to tackle those pesky to dos that have been neglected for too long. As a result it's making us more efficient through out our day, which feels rewarding and makes our day less stressful and hurried, even though we are busier than before.

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