Friday, January 11, 2013

our week in pictures...

I had every intention of blogging a normal daily, or at least every other day schedule, this week but the toddler and husband got knocked flat and are "under the weather". Thus the toddler stayed home from school and the husband from work. A big Thank you to my folks for helping me navigate the second half of this week. And now I must rest myself... sigh. But I still wanted to check in and share a few pictures from around these parts of our little week.

Above: the view of the Brandywine River from the post office parking lot.

Our daughter reading in bed

Our Tuesdays are our Saturdays around here...

And poof, needing some down time with Mr. Rogers this week.

Cinnamon bites for Breakfast.

Saying Hi to Millie, who is sitting on Cameron, who is sleeping on the sofa.

Playing with packaging for my paper garlands. Using the luggage tags as a spool to wrap them around. This one is off to Switzerland!

And today, Friday morning, the husband and toddler are feeling a bit better and wanted to venture out of the house to mail my orders and feed the ducks at the post office by the river. And here is our daughter's attempt to get her coat on by herself, it's quite the look! Maybe everyone's butt needs a hood?

Hope you all had a great week and I hope to be back up and running next week with more blog posts, but especially with a shop update or two!

Have a great weekend!

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