Friday, January 25, 2013

Progress Report: Toddler Bedroom Makeover

I wanted to check in with my blog and those who read it ; ) to report back on what I've been up to this week... Besides lots of stuff, I've been working on our daughter's big room switch and makeover. It's my big nesting project this go around, plus I'm tying it in with the "January Cure's" bigger month project!

This week has been all about painting! As I mentioned earlier this month, our landlord gave us the go ahead, plus the supplies, to paint the wood paneling in the third bedroom. After a deep clean, it took 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to cover the wood. Check out the very first picture at the top of the post to see what a difference a fresh set of blinds and paint can do to update a room!

In other news, I've made two trips to Ikea since Saturday! And here's what we got.

Pink Duvet Cover: Since we are moving the toddler directly form her crib to a twin bed, we already have a lot of twin bedding in the family. But I wanted to update an existing duvet cover without spending too much money. So I got this pink duvet cover for only $20! (Cheaper to buy it in the store than online) It's reversible- one side is striped while the other is gingham. I think I'll have the stripe side out.

White Storage shelving, Stolem: Then On Thursday, the Husband and I had a day all to ourselves (thanks mom!) so we went to ikea and got the toddler this storage unit. I had been scratching my head looking for something like this since October... I wanted a piece of furniture that was easy storage while creating a height appropriate surface where she could play etc. Then this week I learned about this Ikea piece on A Lovely Lark's post about her Daughter's room! Hooray!!! ps: parents also use the Expedit shelf, turned on its side, for this same purpose, but it was too big for her room. At a local fair trade store, I also bought a few baskets for her room to house toys etc, but the larger basket does not fit into the white ikea piece as I had hoped, so it will have to go back and be replaced.

There really isn't a budget for this room, since there isn't any spare money to spend, lol, but here are a few pieces I've been admiring for our daughter's room.

Reusable dress up wall decals, by lovemaestore (on sale for $25. Their larger version is here!)
Ladybug print, We have the artwork area pretty much covered, but this little one is just so sweet.
Striped storage tote, also comes in large and other colors.
Scalloped sheet set, if we needed sheets, I'd be all over these.
Aviary Sham, might not fit her request for a blue pillow, but still very sweet.

So it's been a busy week for this pregnant lady! But I'm very excited to see how the room shapes up. Since the paint is an eco friendly oil base paint, it still requires a few days to cure and air out. So the plan is to have her room set up by Sunday. (curtains and a potential floor pouf- sewn by yours truly, will happen next week!)

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