Monday, January 14, 2013

Design inspiration: The Toddler's move to a big bed...

In preparation for our second child's arrival in April, we are making some home improvements and adjustments around here. The biggest one is moving our daughter down the hall to the third and smallest bedroom where she will be further away from a waking newborn and basically keeping their paths from crossing during each other's nap times, etc. I've given the husband and I a deadline to have her room all ready by mid february- which would give us about 2 months until my due date (give or take!) to have her adjusted to sleeping in her new big girl bed etc. When she and I talked about the move and her new bed, she got very specific, looked me in the eye and said she wanted blue sheets and blue curtains! lol. So I've taken her request into consideration.

It essentially comes down to our comfort level... are we ready to have to deal with wacky nights, after having such a loooong stretch of uneventful nights? Well knowing that we are going to have another wake up call with a newborn in the house... so why throw the toddler in the mix? But I think she is ready (eep)!  And to help convince myself, I am focusing on the fun wishful part of decorating her room. So here's my little round up!

1) Teal Otomi Bedding from Land of Nod or Tangled up in blue
2) okay to wake Night Owl, nightlight, changes color to let your child know they can get up for the day
3) Mini Sofa: to replace the glider. We will make it out of her cousin's old crib mattress... DYI to follow
4) Fabric hanging Baskets: pdf pattern- to keep things off the floor. Considering making larger ones for her stuffed animals too!

In addition: I'm thinking about using her closet as extra living/playing space- moving her dress-up stuff inside the closet, and perhaps having a little fort/ tent back in there, it's very deep and roomy and using the space would help balance out her move to a smaller room. I'm excited to organize her room once again to a more age appropriate activity level, which will ultimately give her a nice haven to go and be should she need some space with the bigger change of no longer being the only child in the house.

I'll keep you posted on all the projects and the final outcome!

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