Tuesday, July 10, 2012

What I've Learned this Week and It's only Tuesday...

* On her first boat ride this weekend, that wheezing/ chocked breathing noise is probably because the life vest is interfering with her breathing... so un-zip it a bit...? Or just tell her to get over it like I did.

* If your toddler is too much on the go to ever stop and cuddle with you (sniff sniff) then take them on a fast and bumpy boat ride- welcome to cuddle-ville. They won't let go and will lay on you like a dead fish, which will make you think back to the breathing thing, and check their pulse constantly.

* It's too hot to not have a proper insulated water bottle for her, these sippy cups aren't doing a dam!

* This one's a no brainer, but do not feed your child 1.5 prunes before a 2 hour car trip. Nothing atomic happened in the car diaper wise, but she was suppose to take her nap in the car, which she only took half of and cried for the second half of the nap the rest of the way to the shore... (of course I was flying solo) Later that evening I put two and two together and realized (like an IDIOT!) that she must have been so upset in the car because her bowels were about to be flushed. go me!

* I'm well versed in the physical exhaustion of being a mother, but now I'm getting a crash course on the auditory exhaustion of living with a small parrot. (I have been, and will continue to repeat something like this every week!)

* And after turning around at a playground to see her with an un opened condom wrapper in her mouth, I'm wondering if there is such a thing as mouth sanitizer...?

* Making a tent out of her crib is AWESOME and she is super into it!. I just put this big quilt over half of it, give her some books and her light up ladybug and she is all set! Then she plays this game where she dumps the contents of the crib onto the floor, saying "All Done!".

* Hearing her say "Was Dat?" when pointing to the sunset in the car the other night, was so sweet and cute and made me really excited to experience those beautiful night time moments in nature with her as she gets older.  Then when we got home from the shore we hung out at back and caught lighting bugs/ fireflies with her.

* She's started singing "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" from Annie today, and I'm scratching my head where she learned this...!?  We listen to "Hard Knock Life" (which means now she shouts "Back to WERK!") but we don't listen to tomorrow... I have an investigative crew out to find answers. (I'll post a video of her singing it soon!)

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