Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meet Our "New" Vw Van...

This week has been a little busy and thus my daily blogging took a back seat... and here's why! We bought a 1970 vw panel van!  We knew we needed a second car, and we always wanted a vw camper bus. Our primary car is a tiny Toyota Matrix which is great but you can't pack a lot of stuff in there, and it's not handy for those trips to the hardware store. So we needed something that could potentially haul stuff, hold more people (and wasn't a mini van- no offense). Plus buying an old car would be more affordable, so we got to work searching for a camper bus.

Through our search we realized that we didn't actually want or need all that comes in a camper- i.e. stove, sink, fridge. We wanted more interior space, plus many campers were either nuts expensive or super creepy and would require a lot of work up front... nothing between. Then this little panel van came across our path and fit our requirements, so we went for it and made it ours!

(Cranky toddler after naptime? Check!)

The crazy thing is growing up I had a faux rotary phone this same turquoise and dreamt about one day having a vw bug of the same color and now I have a van that color. I completely forgot about this until it was officially ours and sitting in the driveway. ; )

The Van has a lot of "Flare" that we will remove. It's one of those easy and free fixes that will start to make it feel like ours and allow us to visualize what comes next!?  We have a few immediate things we want to do, and then a larger, grander list of dreams. For now we need to replace the front seat belts- to make them more user friendly, and then put some hooks on the back bench so we can put the carseat in there for the little one. (And a new curtain. ) Naturally I've started a little board on pinterest to begin gathering inspiration.

Grander plans include: Folding table, possible windows along the sides, AC & Heat (yup!), wood panel interior, two jump seats behind the driver and front passenger seats, back cushion for the trunk, upholster the seats in a uniform leather with a contrasting piping trim... then other little details. (when I say "future" I mean over the next 10 yrs, lol). But that's what we like about it, it's going to be a while until we have a house of our own, so this is a little something we can tinker around on and dream about.

So there you have it! Meet our funky turquoise panel van/bus. I love what it represents for our little family- many fun adventures with family and friends, camping and road trips.

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