Monday, July 30, 2012

Fall Knitting To Do List

I'm starting to tally up a little fall knitting to do list for myself, and I thought I would share! My goal is to work on these little projects ahead of time to ensure they are worn and enjoyed!

Above is the Hannie Hat, I'm going to knit this for our daughter in a similar vibrant magenta, sure to look great with her green fall coat and her brown down winter coat.

I stumbled upon these Lady Bug Mittens that are pretty adorable, and I know she would love them and thus keep them on!

And these Give a Hoot, owl mittens are pretty cute too!

I started this Little Sister's Dress last fall and my gauge was WAY off, so it will hopefully fit her this year? It's knit in a dark gray and I'm almost towards the bottom!

The Provence Cardigan I started when she was 3 months old... and thank god I did because it's a project I keep putting aside to work on later, which is easy to do since it's HUGE and won't fit her until this fall with the sleeves turned up! Which means it will hopefully fit her through to the spring. I just have to knit the two vertical stripes for the button holes and then crochet the collar!

I also want to knit her this honey pie sweater, isn't it so cute? 

I also want to start knitting socks (the toe up method) and I want to knit myself a classic and simple button up cardigan in black, just what my wardrobe needs... I have yet to find a pattern.  

Well back to working on my larger summer knitting project, I'll report back on all knitting progress at a future date!

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