Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pics from the Fourth of July, 2012

The husband had to work a shift on the fourth of July from 1-9... so we took off in the morning for a little family hike at the Brandywine Park.  We love taking the little one there, to play in the river, check out the fish, throw rocks... etc. It was a warm but beautiful day and the main trail was packed with runners and cyclists.

The little lady playing in the river. She was in heaven. Only wish we could have stayed longer...

After nap I dressed her in this lovely dress her Alaska Grandma hand embroidered for her. Love the waves aka "O-dshen".

We went to our friend's house on the main line for a little fourth of July dinner. Here's the "kid's table".

And the watermelon was a big hit! At least 3 large pieces were consumed. We left about 40 mins after bedtime, so the drive home had its "negotiations". Always interesting to do these adventures solo-parent style. But luckily there was hardly any traffic and the baby was in bed at an okay hour ;-/... just in time to hear fireworks in the distance. Yup this is life with a toddler- no firework watching for me this year. But I did enjoy listening to how they sound like popcorn popping... never really drew that comparison in years past.  Hope you had a great Fourth!!

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