Friday, September 23, 2011

So this has been happening...

...our daughter is becoming a toddler. Last Saturday morning I was in the kitchen fixing myself breakfast and someone decided to help herself to the cereal cabinet! Of course I watched from afar as this little explorer opened the cabinet, pulled out the box and dumped the cheerios on the floor and then promptly ate them. If you have ever taken care of a toddler- eating off the floor is no longer a faux pas, it's now one of those things I choose not to sweat. Hell, she's busy and happy! my work here is done.

so I snapped these little pictures with my cell phone.  Our dog Millie looks pleased with the situation! I hope this will improve their relationship ; )

In other news, I just finished my second week of night classes. I am taking web site related classes to beef up my freelance skills, ultimately allowing me to build and design websites in the hope of making more money, enough to support us while the husbo goes back to school in the next year or so. eep. 

This pretty much sums up my attention span at the moment!

ALSO- this week, the little miss and I started a toddler music class on Wednesday mornings. It's pretty hilarious to see all of these babies/toddlers bouncing about, some of them running for the door, or giving each other hugs, while the rest just sit there stunned. It's nice to get out of the house and mingle with other moms. Plus Cordelia is big on music lately so I am encouraging this interest.

Here she is "singing" to Piano Man while my Dad plays the player piano. My Mom has also been playing the accordion for her, and she is captivated. I have fond memories of my grandfather playing it for us... so the accordion is a sweet tradition.

And I started knitting this hat in purple for the little miss from the book Vintage Knits for Modern Babies. It's fast and easy, which is the perfect knitting project for me at the moment!

And we saw this guy riding around last weekend, nice ride!

consider yourself mildly caught up with us... yes in an artificial way, but here it is.

xo, abs

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