Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Country Estate, a Duet with Juliska and ISIS Ceramics

I am so excited to share with you my Aunt's latest adventure "Country Estate" a duet with tableware design company, Juliska. The collection includes scenic dinnerware, table linens, and much more to come! I first heard about this project when I saw Deb's drawings last summer when she was stateside. My husband and I knelt on the floor as the large pieces of paper were unwrapped, rolled out and shared. Like her ISIS Ceramic patterns, the preliminary drawings of "Country Estate" were full of playful details and English charm. Plus the new shapes were a fun twist on the original ISIS pieces. It was very exciting! 

Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with my Aunt both in England and in NYC, and thus I am very familiar with ISIS Ceramics, the making, the painting, the custom work, and it's many patterns. But this newest venture was especially exciting. It takes the graceful hand painted strokes that are quintessential to her work and translates them into a painterly decal on tough stoneware pieces. Thus you have the beauty of ISIS for your rugged day-to-day, bringing a sense of laid back elegance and playfulness to your table.

The pairing of ISIS Ceramics and Juliska is a natural match. The glassware compliments the stoneware and vice versa. With this grouping there is a sense of the past, and luxury, capturing one's imagination with the ease of modern functionality. Juliska's plum glassware is an especially lovely match.

Here is one of my favorite scenes from Country Estate- the Conservatory as seen here on the Dessert Plate. I love this scene with the watering can and chickens and the balloon, which is a moving theme through out the series.

And on Juliska's site you can set your own table! It's a fun way to explore Country Estate and to match up Juliska's lovely glassware and other complimentary pieces such as their Colette line.

And as with all art, Country Estate is even more striking in person! You can see the above table setting at Bergdorf's 7th floor in NYC.

A grouping of Country Estate Mugs and Cups and Saucers at Bergdorf's.

Country Estate and Juliska at Gracious Home in NYC.

The crisp glass and green Juliska pieces look charming with the Country Estate stoneware.

See more Country Estate pieces on Juliska's website.

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