Thursday, September 29, 2011

Links and Such

Hey all. How's your week going? mine has been chaotic! all good stuff, just more revelations on my first year of motherhood. The husbo has been doing the school and work thing non stop and it's been two straight days that he hasn't seen our daughter, pretty sad... so that's just a little glimpse into our week ; / But the babe and I have a play date today, maybe going for a walk to the zoo- weather permitting!  And we are sure to get out and about this weekend with more fall activities. I'll report back on our adventures. In the meantime, here is this week's Links and Such, just some things I've been pinning and gathering from around the inter webs!

A playhouse under the table
love this entire room especially the paint color
DIY rain collecting barrels 
trapeze artists
would you sleep here? I would.
33 cupcake recipes!
felted soap anyone? (the felt acts as an exfoliant)
DIY door molding

And yesterday's Handmade Shout Out

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