Friday, September 9, 2011

A Knit Poppy

I knit this flower a few weeks back to give to my cousin's baby- to add a feminine touch to all of the gender neutral knit goods we made before the baby was born. It was really fun to FINALLY crack open the book 100 Flowers to Knit & Crochet. I knit the poppy in white as seen above, and my husband knit the purple french knots. I just couldn't get my mind around them... maybe next time. Then I finished the flower with a little safety pin secured to the back to make the bud a little item Ella can pin to her jacket, hat, or teddy bear for years to come- ie: something she won't necessarily grow out of right away!

In addition to the poppy, I also knit two snow peas just to try out the pattern. I used the same yarn but different size needles (a 7 for the big one and a set of 3 for the smaller one (give or take)). They remind me of badminton shuttlecocks! Not sure what their purpose or destination will be? Now I'm thinking about knitting up a little floral mobile for above the baby's crib. I'll report back!


Mrs Robinson said...

oh! I LOVE the thought of a knit flower mobile!! :)

abigail said...

ooh thanks! yeah after coming up with the idea I realized it might take me a while! ; ) so we shall see, fingers crossed!


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