Tuesday, September 27, 2011

11 months old

Well this post is a little late in the day, sorry about that! My computer has been on the fritz (hence why these are all pics and videos from my cell phone) plus today was crazy and also one of the nights I have class until 9:30... and so I'm just getting to it now!  anywho... here it is, her 11 month blog post.

COUNTDOWN to the big birthday has begun! I now have one month to get my act together, yikes. I have a few gifts for her but my ideas for her party are still up in the air. I'll muse more about that in a future blog post, for now here are some new milestones and videos!

Above: a cell phone shot from this Saturday. We went on a little sticky/humid hike and used the hand-me-down back pack from my brother. She loved sitting up high and looking around. She would bounce and sway so regally it looked like she was riding her personal elephant across the desert with a long caravan behind her.

Here is the little miss playing with the a glass music box I had as a girl. It's really sweet how the bird flies in and out of the house. She loves all music and music boxes are a big draw at the moment. We have our second music class tomorrow and I'm excited to see how she will warm up to it. She has been bouncing to music for a while and this past week she has begun to turn from side to side- from her hips with her arms out on either side turning them around... picture "the twist" from the 60's. I have yet to capture it on video, it's pretty cute though.

And a video of a fussier moment. (warning there is one loud shriek) But it's a good example of how having a dog can be a big advantage when you have a baby. I often use Millie's appeal to distract Cordelia, and here is an example of my tricky ways. Plus it's also a cute example of how fast she can crawl.

And this little gem. (sorry it's dark more cellphone action) This tiny clip was one of those random moments captured and it reminds me of a silent movie... it just worked out!

As far as more millstones this month... I'm drawing a bit of a blank. As you can see she is getting really fast. Today was one of those days where she was getting into EVERYTHING. The diapers, the bathroom closet and all its goodies. I feel like the last month and a half I have been growing a new callus  of stamina, of physical strength.. I have a new level of tiredness as well as more food on my clothes. Yes I'm the one in class with banana all over her pants and collar. As a result I'm not sure I can call her a "baby" anymore. When does this officially change? And what do I call her, a toddler? YUP.

Her language continues to increase, she talks to us about "stuff" all the time. And she really understands us. Maybe after closely watching the dog all the time- she has learned the word "no", or at least she seems to know it some of the time ; )  ALSO she growls at the stuffed tiger in her room and when she sees a lion or some sort of beast in her Eric Carle book- too funny.  I guess that's it for now. Glad I was able to remember some milestones!


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