Thursday, September 8, 2011

Links and Such

How the heck is it Thursday already!? Guess that feeling is standard after a holiday weekend! I hope your week is going swimmingly. Mine is a challenging one- we are transitioning our 10 month old out of the "family bed" and into her own crib in her own room... so far it's going alright. I'm doing it mostly solo- since the husbo is going to school and working- yikes I'm tired. I've been definitely earning my merit badges this week! I'll report more about our sleep victories and lesson in a specific blog post later next week. In the meantime enjoy this week's Links and Such!

Above: I love this interior, simple, clean- yet funky
paper installations
these ottomans are amazing! would be great for babies to sit on, etc...
stinking cute girl's overalls
suspended mirrored cube
trick photography with album covers
make over lamps in high gloss
vacation- Cabot cove cottages in Maine
stunning portrait of Hannah Radley Bennett
grow herbs indoors
DIY concrete cobblestone path
in case you missed it- I started my new Monday Blog series this week- A Love Letter to Fall

AND an interesting article: 9/11 the 73 minutes that changed my life

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