Wednesday, November 24, 2010

she's 1 month old

Our Little Miss is already 1 month old, hard to believe! 
(I'm counting Wednesdays at the moment- not the 27th to the 27th...)

So far motherhood actually feels like glorified full time baby sitting and breast feeding- only it's not someone else's kid you can roll your eyes at, it's yours.  ; )  (which honestly, is the best part of the gig!) And I don't officially feel  like a "mom" yet in its full sense of the word... I think more of those "mom moments" will start to feel full time once she is a little older and more interaction and dependence - other than food, come into play. And that's fine by me! I've enjoyed the nice subtle transition into this new role and I love the cuddle moments, how she looks to me to be comforted and rocked to sleep.  Overall she's a very easy baby and we love her so much. It's still so crazy that she is finally here and she is ours! This is it- this is my child, the one I have talked about one day having, and now she's here! Looking forward to future milestones!

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