Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Breast Feeding, my new past time... plus helpful links

Women on the seashore, Paul Gauguin, 1899.

So tomorrow marks my first week of being a mom... and so far it's been wonderful and really lovely, hard to put into words without being too mushy...  besides all these moments of wonder- my days and nights have been consumed with breast feeding- (as I know they will continue to be).  It has been a steep learning curve for both baby and myself so I thought I would share some helpful links and some "lighter" ones as well. sorry if this is alienating for some...  : )

Breast Feeding Made Simple: Website with great "latch" video

Breast Feeding In public- taking a stand.

Kelly Mom- Breast feeding resource- good for trouble shooting, etc

Dr. Sears: Breast feeding guide.

Mothering Magazine: articles and discussions on the topic...

Mother Food: Nutrition and diet for Breast feeding moms

Nursing Mother's Companion: series of books

Low Milk Supply

And of course- Breast feeding.com

Fashion for the Breast feeding mom- from Cup of Jo

Marvelous Kiddo Blog: writes a lot about breast feeding, including little art history depictions of breast feeding between mom and child

Expressiva: Nursing apparel

Modest Middles: Nursing tank top that goes with any shirt! Allowing you to adapt your normal clothes into nursing attire.

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delrond said...

Great little collection of links for new mothers.

I would also like to share this article: http://medelabreastpumpreview.net/10-hot-celebrity-breast-feeding-mothers/

Its basically an article that shows which celelbritys are breast feeding - i hope it will cause more young mothers to start... a girl can dream :)


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