Thursday, October 17, 2013

Links and Such

Well, I'm attempting to get back to a bit of normalcy on the blog... I will admit I enjoy the new found freedom and relationship I have made with my blog. My responsibilities are many at this juncture in my life and I didn't want my blog to turn into a burden or something else that left me with guilt for not being able to maintain the structure it once had before our second child was born, before the husband's sometimes 70 hr working weeks and my etsy shop demands..... But anyway, I'm excited to write when inspired instead of feeling obligated, (should make for better content) And so here is my old- Thursday traditional Links and Such post for you to enjoy!

FINALLY- Etsy has made it so you can organize and categorize your favorites! Here are mine so far ; )
101 Fashion Tips and Tricks (bookmark it! great references on how to care for things etc)
75+ home decor retail sites
how to tuck in your shirt
4 DIY hairstyles for cropped hair
raising the bar for your business
fall activity with kids: leaf alphabet 
Sewing Pattern: Milly the mermaid dress up doll
Tips for organizing kid spaces
DIY cardboard hats- great for pretend or for Halloween!
breastfeeding in real life, YUP

and lastly, fantastic Article on the inspiration that comes at nightfall and enjoying the change of the seasons

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