Monday, October 14, 2013

Prepping for our Daughter's 3rd Halloween... she wants to be an owl (for now)

So our daughter wants to be an owl for Halloween, at least for now... There were a couple of weeks there where she wanted to be a snoopy dog, not sure where she picked this up, I'm assuming school. But now she is adamant about being an owl. She also wants to wear a pink tutu from her dress up box as part of her costume. And so the other day, while over at her Grandmother's house, they made this owl mask together! Pretty cute.  So now it's up to me to tie the mask and the tutu together with some sort of other owl element.

So here's a round up of some options.

Here's a cute

And these DIY Wings I've been wanting to make for her since she was a baby. Plus she could wear these wings for dress up for many years to come, whereas she would outgrow the dress by next year if not before. (AND If I make them in some neutral colors then her brother could wear them at some point too!)

So for now, I think I've settled on the wings. I just have to make sure they will work for her school party.  I'll keep you posted!

(ps, here's a nice article about keeping Halloween magical for the little ones!)

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