Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Autumnal Garlands and Other Happenings at GrayDayStudio

I've listed some new gold and black options to the shop this week, perfect for a fall dinner party, Thanksgiving, you name it!

Above: my single strand "Cascading Leaves"12 ft long garland in the reversible gold and silver card stock with black circles

And my "Cascading Leaves Party Package" with a savings of $5.

And meet Confetti- a garland made in collaboration with our 3 yo daughter for her birthday party this saturday. A great use of those seconds and the moons that our daughter loves to make!

It's over 12 ft long and looks so fun draped, as seen here in my studio.

And my pom-pom garlands are gaining in popularity, it feels like I list them and then a few days later they sell, so I'm trying to rush and finish a lot of garlands that are waiting in the wings (love selling "ready to ship" work!)

Anyway, so above is Lavender Taffy . My yarn garlands are a funky and cozy way to decorate. Just add a strand of twinkle lights and you're all set! Not just for Christmas, but can be hung year round, would look darling in a daughter's room!

I'm also painting more and I'm in the process of having my artwork made into 5x7 cards, perfect in time for the Holiday season! They should start trickling into the shop sometime next week. (I'm going to see which images sell the most and then go through the process of having very nice giclee prints made... we shall see!?)

I'm also working on my Holiday/winter line that will go live in my shop on November 1st. There will be lots of white and shiny cardstock, subtle but sure to add a lovely flair to trimming the tree! Also some gift wrapping supplies...! stay tuned!

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