Thursday, October 24, 2013

Links and Such

Hi all, I'm deep in the throws of getting ready for our daughter's third birthday this weekend, including a little party at school on Friday, it's going to be a three day event! Phew! Can't wait to share.  But I wanted to check in with at least one consistent weekly blog post. So here is this week's Links and Such post. Enjoy!

make a pumpkin diorama and other fun pumpkin DIYs
recipe: easy popcorn balls
knitted maple leaf pattern
looking like other people
love these textiles
DIY baby leg warmers (going to make these to avoid that chilly moment when the pant leg rides up)
fun lights for Christmas decorating
homesteading: 26 ways to become more self sufficient 
checkout this ballpoint pen that fits into your smartphone

David Sedaris: Now we are five
Article: Distracted Living (aka SLOW DOWN)

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