Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Inspiration: 3 downloadable skills

If you could download three new skills, like Keanu Reeves in the Matrix downloads kung fu, and thus instantly be the master of this new skill what would yours be!? We daydreamed about this this weekend and I instantly knew what my three would be. 1) I would learn how to crochet.

2) learn how to knit fast

3) master the guitar so I can read a song and play it immediately.

I taught myself how to knit with the help of watching youtube videos on repeat, and thus I figure if I can't download these skills and instantly be the master of them, I should set to the task of learning them the old fashioned way... and thus if I spend 20 minutes a day on each desired talent, by the end of every month I should be closer and closer to "downloading" these skills. A fun resolution to start off April and the week. 

If you could download three skills and instantly be the master of them, what would they be?

1 comment:

Mrs Robinson said...

Love this concept! My top skill is definitely "carry a tune" unfortunately I don't think youtube can teach me that... but I am working on turning my black thumb green so only 20 minutes a day will not only benefit me, but also my garden!


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