Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chopped my hair for Spring, a much needed momma makeover

I need a haircut... I've thrown my idea of growing it out to the wind! Because alas I need something that looks good when messy. And sometimes the growing out stage is just too unpleasant, especially when as a new mom- you hair is your staple - not to be cliche, but it's the idea that no matter what the day throws at you, at least your haircut doesn't completely stink. And so I searched the internet for short hair styles to inspire this transformation and above is a compilation of what I found.

My tools. 

I've been cutting my hair since I was 16, successfully and unsuccessfully at times! It's been a learning experience complete with bald spots and degrees of varying lengths. I have really thick hair that can be a huge mushroom top when short, so the razor has become my friend and favorite go-to-tool.

Before: my layers were all becoming one muddled mass of hair... I took a razor to my bangs the week before, but something else needed to be done! dun, dun dun....

After: I know it doesn't look that much different... But I took a ton of hair off with the razor. The sink looked like it had a large rodent in it with all of the discarded hair. I took a lot off the back making the back more cropped while leaving the pieces around my face longer. Overall the layers are lighter and more wispy and they look good, or fine, when perked out like the photo above or all straight ie: the just slept on look. I know all hair stylists cringe when they hear that you chopped your hair yourself... but I will admit, I am not always happy with the salon results (too high expectations I think) and doing it myself is so inexpensive! 

Last spring at 4 months pregnant I chopped my hair off for the oil spill and it's funny to look back and see how much my face has changed since being pregnant, birth, and the subsequent months and nights of caring for a little one. Regardless, my current haircut is better than the one I gave myself last spring. So that's progress! Where to go from here? I might grow my bangs out like in the above pictures... we'll see!

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