Wednesday, April 13, 2011

24 Weeks Old

The Little Miss is 24 weeks old today!
(I've been counting Wed-Wed not the 27th to the 27th...) And since we have reached this milestone, I'm thinking about writing this blog series once a month rather than every week... I don't want to bore people plus I think a monthly or every other month post could be fun for various reasons!  anywho.

So New Milestones- WELL this week she is a superstar at sitting up on her own, as seen above while hanging out with her Dad last night. She does have an occasional timber moment but her back is STRONG, as if a big metal rod runs up her spine. And she often sways a bit in the breeze as she works on her balance. We think her cloth diaper and sausage legs help to create a sturdy tri-pod system that promotes good sitting!

Her teething has been going great, she gets a touch fussy at night, but mostly she is still very happy and finds solace in all of her fingers and sometimes singles out her thumb.  She has a new super sharp one in the middle of the bottom, bringing the total to 3.5? We've been slowly introducing more food to her. Yesterday it was an apple, which I think she thought was a very rewarding teething toy and I also let her suck on an orange yesterday. And as always this week she has had more sweet potato and banana.

We had a warm spell here and thus hanging out in a onsie and diaper was a nice break yesterday. Usually she is more dressed but when you are eating an apple in bed some precautions are made. 

Above is a funny (to me) video of us horsing around with her yesterday. There is a longer 3min version that I call the Grandparent/Parent version that can be seen HERE. Overall as parents we have reached another milestone this week and we are still having a great time! ; ) That wonder of her being here and being our daughter has not faded in the least and we still sit and watch her sleep and marvel at it all. It's been a fun 6 months and crazy to think she has been our friend for half a year already. People always advise new parents to soak it all in because it goes fast, and I feel like we have really been loving every minute of it.


Harvest Gold Jewelry & Gallery said...

Bill and I loved seeing your family! lol We just got back from seeing our 23 year old and still feel the same as you two. Love every minute:)

j.webb said...

Love it!

Who pushes babies?

abigail said...

thanks Bill and Lynda! I can only imagine how the wonderment continues.

and Justin- only Great dads push babies, lol

Katy said...

Oh my gosh, I have so many favorite parts in this video - of course I watched the long version - but the very best moment is when Cameron has to wipe baby spit out of his own eye, and doesn't even think twice about it. Haha! You two are such awesome funny parents. I love your blog style, it looks and sounds like you two are truly soaking it in and getting to know this great little person. Wish I was there to be more a part of it! But LOVE the videos!

Aron said...

She is so cute!!
I can't believe that we are having one of those soon!


abigail said...

@ Katy thanks friend! I can always count on you to watch the long version! ; ) Yes baby spit has become very commonplace in our lives!

& @Aron Awe thanks yeah we like her! and congrats on the baby on the way. We've found it to be pretty awesome. You really do begin to feel like a super hero over the tiniest things!


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