Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Nesting: Teething Tips

With the arrival of two little sharp shark teeth on the bottom of the Little Miss' gums, I thought it would be fun to share what the husbo and I have learned when it comes to teething! You will need patience, sympathy, imagination and some chew toys. Below is a quick list of the toys that have worked for us! 

First off, no matter what toys you have, the most important thing is to have a variety of textures and shapes that will allow you to switch it up when the baby gets bored or when the baby is more active or becomes sleepy. Above: we (and the baby) love Vulli Sophie the Giraffe. Perfect for both active and sleepy moments, the toy provides a variety of chewing areas and surfaces like the legs, face, and ears!

Also by Vulli, a cute gift from my mother-in-law is the Chan Pie Gnon Pink! It's fun, squeaky, soft and chewy!

Another natural option and one that she loves for a harder texture, is LittleSaplingToys Squirrel teether! This toy has been a huge success for those moments when she really needs to gnaw on something, this one really holds her attention. However when she gets sleepier and her flappy baby arms become more erratic, it's best to switch to a softer toy since she has bopped her face with this one when tired, sad town.  I can't say enough about their teethers- the are my go-to baby gift!! 

A plush toy is also great to chew on and nice for those sleepier moments! My mom got us this knotted Dr. Seuss toy from whole foods by miYim simply organic toys. I made up a theme song for this little guy that perhaps I will share at a future time!

A darling hand-me-down from my niece and nephew is Sassy's Flutterby teether. It can be cooled in the fridge and she loves chewing on the textured wings!

The Manhattan Toy Winkel, another hand-me-down, it's perfect for little fingers to easily grab on to and the rings are fun for them to chew on. She LOVES this one.

One night, when the baby was working on her second bottom tooth and was VERY fussy, we had the idea to fill her mesh food feeder with crushed ice! It gave her a hard texture to chew on that also numbed her gums. Just strap on a bib and have an extra tea towel to soak up all the dripping ice. We also filled a bowl with extra crushed ice for fast and frequent refills. This was a god-send

As with most parenting tricks the best ones are born from moments of imagination and thinking outside of the box. For teething it seems like a change of scene, toy, song, or a new book can break the spell and help distract and entertain the baby.  What teething tips are your favorite?

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