Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow Sets a Table for Easter on Remodelista Featuring ISIS Ceramics

Today on Remodelista Gwyneth Paltrow invites us into her London home to share how she set her table for Easter featuring English made products.

This lovely collection features beautiful plates and a vase by ISIS Ceramics aka my Aunt Deb's hand painted delftware! It's always so fun to spot her ceramics in English period piece films and miniseries. Just the other night we were watching Cranford and I spied an ISIS teacup. Having interned and worked for my Aunt over the years I can vouch that, even as an artist who has her MFA, taking a stab at painting my own pieces was a huge undertaking and inevitably they looked like a day spent at Color-Me-Mine! The detail and fluid brush strokes make these one-of-a-kind pieces a real treasure for the eye to explore, to appreciate the craftsmanship and to get lost in the playful scenes. My Aunt was recently state-side this last week and it's always fun to see what new commission project she is working on.   BUT back to the Remodelista feature.  I love the wooden eggs as place cards, what a cute idea. And I can almost smell those flowers!

The Rustic table with the creamy neutral linens provides a warm backdrop for the pastel flowers and dishes. And the yellow candles offer a fun pop of color. I love the height of the white candles as well, very eye catching.

And another shot of my Aunt's plate on Paltrow's table. Visit ISIS Ceramics website to see more of her work. And here's a look back  at my Aunt and Uncle's snowy English Farm , their summery English Garden, Decorating with an ISIS desk brick, and our ISIS Teapot . If I could visit them every year I would be one happy camper!

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