Friday, January 8, 2010

Orange you glad you're in my kitchen?

Over the years I have ripped out pictures of yellow and green kitchens with large faded built in book shelves, crazy hutches, deep sinks etc- and put them in my dream kitchen file in my larger "home ideas" file... And now, although still renting and unable to paint, I have found myself with a blue and orange kitchen! It's the Orange Kitchen Aid we registered for two years ago that really set this whole thing in motion! Then came the Martha Stewart recipe box and matching flour and sugar canisters. Thus the color theme was set. So naturally when we moved in I made orange curtains with turquoise bows! How did this happen!? And now, after Christmas I have some new Orange elements to add to the mix, it might be beyond my control at this point!

(above sit our new antique Lobster salt and pepper shakers next to our ISIS Ceramics teapot.)

The second orange present of the season- a funky vintage orange swan, surly something one would never see in the wild, but only in our kitchen! It holds the random power cords- for my camera and ipod, since all computing takes place in the kitchen.

I do have other vintage elements in the mix to balance out this growing color scheme. Here I use vintage tins to house our cooking utensils. This was an improvisation after our glass Anthropologie one was knocked over... sigh. Originally I purchased a whole slew of these to use as center pieces at our wedding reception- to house the flowers. Very Colorful and it's fun to reuse them in our kitchen!
Here are one of our many shelves since our rental only has ONE cabinet. And behind them are the orange curtains.
Since we have two little built in shelves in the kitchen, I have had fun making little scenes on them in order to avoid a cluttered mess of measuring cups etc. Here I have an antique family pitcher, next to a friend's handmade fruit bowl, a family picture and a little ORANGE- esque figurine. And behind all that a tiny painting by my great grandmother- which fits perfectly in the little corner!

Thanks for stopping by my orange Kitchen, next time I'll bring out the tea pot and well have a cup!


stacy di said...

I love the blue/orange combo!...that swan is great..and I love the vintage tins for the utensils!

abigail said...

thanks! Yes the tins add a fun graphic element. They are super handy and don't break!


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