Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let's go to the MOOoooovies! (or rent them anyway...)

I've been knitting a lot this year between my etsy shop and Christmas presents, I've had some time to "sit around"... As a result I've seen a lot of movies recently and I wanted to share my list of recommendations, after all winter is almost made for staying in and catching up on your netflix queue.

So here it is:

I've Loved you so Long- with Kristen Scott Thomas- a foreign film that is very moving and was really lovely to watch. (although if you tend to only like upbeat movies, I wouldn't recommend it- I'm talking to you Dad) Kristen's character spent the last 15yrs in prison and moves in with her sister and their family after her release. She wrestles with her past while striving to begin her new life... the new people she meets are caring and reseptive, it was really touching.

Elling- A Norwegian film that is totally quirky, funny, absurd and a little awkward. About two socially awkward male adults who are institutionalized- one for being a Momma's Boy and hiding in his closet from the Police after his mother passes away, the other is obsessed with "The ladies". They are soon thrown out of the institution and the govt gives them their own apt where they have to try and engage with the real world. A cute story about friendship and growth.

Paris Je T'aime- A french film made up of 5 minute short films from different directors and actors- all on the topic of Love- the setting Paris. I REALLY liked this movie and highly recommend it!

O'Horten- another Norwegian film, about a retired train conductor and his journey to redefine himself after he retires, sweet, and quirky.

The Garden- A documentary about the largest Urban garden in the US- in LA, and it's fight to stay a community garden. Oh the politics, reminded us of THE WIRE.

The Wire- Speaking of... We were late to jump on this band wagon, but were so happy we did, we watched all of the seasons back to back and once they were over, walked around like parentless children, not sure what to do with ourselves! PREMISE- Baltimore life- the relationship btwn cops, drug dealers, shipping yard, politicians and the media. (without giving too much away) But with any good story you like both the bad guys and the good guys and with each death no matter which side, you grieve.

North and South- A british mini series taking place at the turn of the century (1900's) when a family relocates from the south of England to the industrial North. How they adjust to their new surroundings and the people they meet... IE if you love Pride and Prejudice- you will love this love story!

Paper Heart- an "indie" film (some would say- "my generation") with Michel Cera and Charlyn Yi- a "documentary" on love where Charlyn interviews actual couples and individuals to find out if she believes in love, all the while as her own love life begins to bloom! ALSO there is this song- "Magic Perfume" That they write and play together that is really funny and cute...

Valentino: The Last Emperor- Enough Said! It's a documentary on Valentino it's a remarkable look into his life, legacy, fashion and self tanner!

June Bug- With Amy Adams, Embeth Davidtz and a whole great cast- Embeth plays an art dealer who travels south with her new husband and meets his small town family Amy being one of them... very cute, a little funky but ultiamtely very sweet. And I think one of Amy Adams' best roles!

Away We go- About a couple's journey to find a new life and a community where they can raise their future child. Very sweet, funny, good soundrack- and a "green" production where they shot basically in one location, no paper plates, local food etc! Plus you can't go wrong with Maya Rudolph and John Krasinski

anywho, that's it for now- I've gone all the way back to the summer on my netflix queue...

Happy watching!

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