Friday, April 22, 2011

Slippers and Gardening

As I mentioned earlier this week the husbo and I have been busy prepping the raised bed for our summer crop! Hence why the blog took a little detour from my usual daily themes...  Here I am with pitchfork in hand, that was very essential for turning up the stagnate soil in our raised bed. We built our raised bed in 2006 at my folk's house from large found stones. Back in the day there was a long stone wall that ran through out my parent's neighborhood as part of a du Pont home. When a portion of the land was sold and the houses were built, the wall was taken down and the stones were buried. Thus in 2006 we dug up enough stones to make a raised bed that is roughly 3.5 feet wide by 24 ft long.

Our Raised Bed.  

A few years ago my parent's neighbor - with their permission : ) - planted rhubarb plants in the bed for my mom -the master pie maker- to make rhubarb pies with! Now that we are back in the area we are adding some new crops to the mix. In the black pots are three tomatoes and....

POOF here are our handmade pea and bean trellises! My mom thinks they look like garden sculptures, they are quite tall but in the past we under estimated our pea structures... so we made them super tall to not be caught off guard and there you have it! We still have to build one more trellis for another variety of peas.  We are also planting golden beets, three more tomato plants, and a ton of basil. We are sticking to the basics this year but something tells me we are going to have a ton of peas and beans!!

And of course a picture of the little miss. I couldn't resist, she's too funny.

Also this week I made good on last Friday's Weekend Blog post and I knit myself some slipper-socks form this lovely gray eco-wool! 

Well, originally they were suppose to be big enough to felt, but I screwed up the gauge or tension and poof I have socks instead. I still want to knit and felt myself some slippers, but in the meantime I'm enjoying these little socks. They are quite the perfect spring accessory for these random cold fronts. The pattern was very easy and fast to knit. 

I hope you all have a great Easter weekend!


Tracy said...

Pretty garden and super cute baby!

I noticed you don't have a fence around your garden, how do you keep the bunnies away? They attack my garden!

abigail said...

Thanks Tracy!

In the past we haven't had too much trouble with rabbits, even though the neighborhood is full of the! We mostly had to deal with slugs invading our squash, another reason we are not planting it this year.

Once our crop is in and fully bloomin' I'm sure we will have to device a fence of some anti-rabbit barrier! I'll keep yah posted!


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