Thursday, October 10, 2013

Put the phone down

I carry my phone with me everywhere... it's a life line to the outside world, at times it has kept me sane to be able to "checkout" so to speak- from the tiresome and often isolating world of parenting.  I read blogs, catch up on news, check the ol instagram, all while nursing our 6 month old. It's a habit that grew in intensity when nursing was just so dam hard and painful at the beginning. I would wince, squeeze my eyes shut, fight back tears, breath deep and click through my phone.  

however, now that nursing is a breeze, I should really cut back on my habit formed usage. For one thing I've read how this next generation is being raised and surrounded by adults who are checked out, looking at a phone or some sort of device... and that we are raising children who will essentially suck at making eye contact with one another.  

And I've always mused to the husband how this tech/ celebrity obsessed society we find ourselves in really uses these things to escape thoughts of mortality, or of responsibility for the planet, or for one another, for human rights, woman's rights, etc. Thus the above clip by Louis CK has really resonated with me.

And so I am taking baby steps to curtail my phone usage, for my own well being and that of my children. One is, I consciously leave my phone in the other room, and I no longer live stream pictures to my instagram. I wait and do it later once the kids are asleep, or I have a free moment. (I did this on our trip to Maine. I would take pictures, maybe too many ; ) and then wait until nap time to upload them. This allowed me to be really picky and thoughtful about exactly what I posted, which I'm sure my IG followers appreciated.)

anyway, just thought I would share this video, and also hope that my general new found approach to such things will in some way explain my blog absence... ;)

And then there's this approach to texting by Cristina Vanko. ;)  Modern Day Snail Mail

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