Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What I've Been Knitting: A little baby doll

Last week I knit this little baby doll for our 2 yr old daughter to go with the bigger doll I knit her last year. I used this free mini doll pattern but adapted it to make it a baby by attaching the i-cord arms to the body and giving it little feet instead of long legs. You can read more about what I did on my ravelry project page.

Recently our daughter's imagination has really taken off. I find her talking to her dolls and other stuffed toys. Clearly repeating things her father and I have said to her, or things she's learned at school. It's pretty funny and very sweet! She comforts her dolls when they are sad by patting them on their backs and sympathetically cooing, "there there, it's okay, it's okay". And occasionally she nurses them, especially when our friend was nursing her newborn at our house yesterday, lol. I know all of this imaginative play will really increase when her sibling comes along and I want to encourage this, hence knitting a little baby doll for the bigger momma doll. I was inspired by this mother and baby doll on etsy. So now I just need to make a little sling for the mother doll to carry the baby around in.

Here's the doll before I put a face and hair on him, this is to show scale. It was a very fast knit, and used scrap yarn, which is always great! I do like it without features, but felt that perhaps it should match it's mother a bit more.

And here they are, a pretty quirky pair. I'm going to give it to her in her Easter Basket at the end of the month.

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