Thursday, March 21, 2013

37th week, a pregnancy update with baby #2

Well we reached a milestone this week and hit the big 37th week, a time when I am considered full term! And I know I haven't been documenting this pregnancy as religiously as I did with my first... but I thought I would check in at this juncture. I had a midwife appointment today and they confirmed my suspicion that the baby has dropped, and then they continued to joke with me that I might not make it to next week's appointment. I'm still pulling for an April baby... not sure why, maybe because there is still so much I want to do...

The past few days I've also reached the super tired and eating non stop phase... which only adds to my desire to wrap up some home projects and other to-dos.  But ultimately I'm very grateful for all that we have accomplished in preparation for our newest family member... my two biggest goals were to transition our daughter from her crib to a big girl bed and to have her fully potty trained before her sibling came on the scene. I'm pretty excited and still a bit shocked that the potty training one made the cut! But she was very ready and it helped that she is a camel just like her mom.

Last night I tackled one of my nesting to dos and made her a Big Sister t-shirt.  I figured I had the ink and the know how plus the shirt only cost me $6 and it probably took me an hour to paint. So I saved money and was able to have a more custom, less cheesy option for her shirt. It will be fun for her to wear to school! Can't wait to give it to her! (my apologies to the letter "R" for getting squished in the end, even though I mapped it out, it still got the squeeze!)

So that's the little update from me.

We might still tackle more nesting to dos tomorrow- with a potential trip to the Aquarium, or laying low and finishing our headboard

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