Monday, March 4, 2013

Bedroom Make Over Inspiration

I really want to update our bedroom. And I have some fun and exciting ideas I want to share!

First, I'll break it down and explain. Overall I feel like our bedroom is too busy and that it does not reflect my tastes. I want to simplify the overall color scheme and edit the ornate accessories to make the room feel more peaceful. As I mention on my blog all of the time, about 90% off our furniture is hand-me-down or inherited, for which we are very grateful, but there are little tweaks that can be made to make it feel more of my/ our own.

 See the following picture for my inspiration.

1st) Headboard Shape: You may remember that my Husband and Mom built our King headboard for only $70 about 2 years ago... At the time, while living in Maine, we didn't have access to cutting the headboard into a shape as I had really wanted. But now we do! And I would love to cut the headboard into a visually softer shape. (as seen above) However I am open to the idea of keeping it a rectangle as long as we can recover it!

2nd) Headboard Color: I want to cover the headboard in a neutral gray linen. This will make the room less busy, and will strike a nice balance with the more feminine shape. Plus I'm on a big neutral kick lately- I feel like it's more timeless, it creates a nice backdrop and down the road if decorating tastes evolve, one can simply rotate out the accessories (which is more cost effective, etc). The second picture on the top right is the color inspiration for headboard and bedding. We were given the blue king quilt, and we have a blue and gray striped duvet underneath it... so blue is turning out to be the color! I also like the Chambray large pillow in the picture, and could see myself recovering our bold Pink Anthro pillow in blue and perhaps adding one or two other neutral sham/throw pillows to the mix.

3rd) White Lamp: In keeping with simplifying the room, a white modern shape lamp would add both a modern balance and visual rest to the space. (plus I need more lighting in my studio so I could rotate one of the existing lamps to my work space!) Lamp by West Elm.

4th) Rug- as the bold pop of color: With the bedding becoming more neutral and within a cohesive color family, I like the idea of having the rug provide the pop of color and visual interst- as inspired by the room with the red rug above. Our current rug belonged to my great grandmother (?) And it was in my bedroom all growing up... It's sturdy well made and easy to vacuum (a plus in my book). However, I would love to have a more modern rug. I adore the Anthropologie "Kiara Rug" I like how the dominant color is a coral, but there are still other colors included that I could pull out and work with in the room. And it would look nice with the artwork and plate hanging above our bed. Realistically, IE: the cheaper option is that I will switch out the floral rug with a flat weave rug that is a geometric/ Native American inspired print in turquoise and red, that belonged to my grandparents. It's not easy to vacuum, which is a bummer, but would help me accomplish my goal, since funds do not allow for such a hefty purchase at this time.

5th) Artwork: Once the headboard is done and other new elements are in place, I'm aware that the artwork above the bed may no longer feel right... and perhaps one large photograph would be nice? But then again the artwork might be the only remaining ornate object in the room (besides one lamp). So we shall see?!?

As we prepare to welcome a newborn into our home, I want our bedroom to feel like a retreat, so the few minutes and hours we are in there will feel extra rewarding and relaxing. ; ) I know one doesn't have to have things to feel this way... but it's fun to scheme and plan none the less!

UPDATE: I played around with the images to create a potential after shot of what our bedroom could look like! It's fun to have more of a visual in front of me instead of just pieced together in my head. Pretty exciting!

You can find the links to my inspiration images plus see even more on my board For the Home.

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