Friday, March 1, 2013

Inspiration for a Little One's Easter Basket

Happy March everyone! I'm pretty excited to look forward to spring. With a two year old in the house it makes the seasons and upcoming holidays even more fun. And this year Easter is early as it falls on March 31st and within the window of our baby's arrival... so with all these factors I'm already planning ahead for this year's Easter Basket.

Last year our daughter got some great toddler friendly garden tools and fun flower crown headbands, plus a hand knit lamb by yours truly. This year we've been talking a lot about making a bird house and a bird feeder for our backyard. It's pretty much all she talks about! So with these things in mind, plus a few other fun ideas, I made a "Easter Basket Goodies" board on pinterest for gathering these and other easter themed projects and gifts. I lke the wooden eggs- having her paint them and using them year after year for an easter egg hunt, what fun! Do you have any fun ideas or suggestions for Easter traditions!?

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