Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Some pictures from Easter...

We had a great Easter with our toddler. I joked that this year was more fun, since last year all she did was "nurse" all the time! wha, wha, wha. I'll be here all night folks, don't forget to tip your waiters!

 Here are some pictures from the day.

Above: Her Easter basket all tricked out with lots of garden tools and some knit friends.

Easter morning at my folk's house...

with rake and lamb in hand.

her millie dog-esque pillow was a big hit.

not one...

but two fancy headband hats from her grandparents.

and of course a fancy dress-up skirt for gathering eggs, 

the day ended with a little hammock time with her aunt Liz

and time in the sun with her tired-looking parents... I don't think this last part with ever change! ; )
Hope you all had a great Easter!

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