Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY: Outdoor Teepee with Branches and Flowers

I saw this idea for making a Bean teepee on pinterest, and I just knew we had to make one this year for our budding toddler! So yesterday I got to work on the teepee and wanted to share our progress up to this point. Hopefully it will inspire your own outdoor retreat.

Above: I wanted to make the structure tall enough that the husband and I could go in there with the toddler...

FIRST: Gather branches, or poles.

We had a variety of sticks and branches leftover from last year's bean structures, but I also foraged for other fallen branches in the slightly wooded area at the back of the house. I dug holes for the heavier branches (which act as the main support and structure) in order to provide a more secure foundation since they are rather heavy and robust.

The teepee sits next to our two vegetable beds and across from our daughter's future sandbox.

Today I wrapped the poles with twine, providing more avenues for the vines to grow. I also wove the twine all the way to the top (not pictured) and wrapped it around all the poles where they meet, securing them together and making the structure more stable should any wobbly toddler knock into it or a great wind blows through town.

Next up- I am going to plant Sweet pea and nasturtiums at the base of the teepee to grow and act as the walls. In the meantime, I took some vines from the inner garden, that had traveled to other undesignated beds (naughty naughty) and I replanted them beneath the teepee... so at least we have a few guys that are already on their way up while I wait for the seeds to germinate.

Our teepee will look something like the one from Intrepid Murmurings. We too will put mulch on the teepee floor and some logs and large rocks for little ones to sit on. I like their inclusion of a bird feeder and we have a busted wind chime that could use a little TLC and eventually hang from the teepee.

I'm pretty excited to see how this looks come the middle of summer when it's all wild and woodsy! It will be a great place for our daughter to hang out and have play dates with her friends.

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