Wednesday, April 18, 2012

What I've been knitting...

I've been doing a little knitting of late and I thought a mini recap was in order.  It struck me the other day that I should really keep a journal or list of all the knit goods I have ever knit, as in EVER!! I can't even imagine how many that has totaled in the last 4 years of knitting! I'm oddly curious, so I'll let you know when the list is more or less completed up to this point!  ABOVE: I knit this darling little fox stole for the babe back in February. She likes it a lot but as suspected she wants to play with it more than wear it, perhaps by the fall she will be more chic about it!?

And of course Millie looks great modeling the stole! ; )

And, per her request, I knit a gray fox stole for my mom.

I finished the knit doll I spoke about a while back. And here are the two eggs and the little lamb from Easter. I'm in love with the lamb, his little profile is really cute.

And the Creme de la Creme, I knit myself the Avery Cowl neck by Quince and Co, using their osprey yarn in the color "Storm". This was a mini epic project for me, one that tested my memory for sure... "Wait what row did I just knit?" I love it and will wear it a lot I know!

Here I am on Sunday (via instagram) wearing the cowl in the morning before the day turned too freaking hot! It layers up nicely and I love how the pattern is reversible- meaning it never looks like there is a "wrong side". As for future knitting projects- I must teach myself how to knit socks. I have two fantastic toe-up sock pattern books I'm itching to try. And once I have some of the basics down, they will be a quick knit and a little go to project for late night tv/movie watching. (I assume). 

I also want to knit myself some cardigans. I know it will be more expensive than purchasing a sweater, but the lessons learned, pride of accomplishment, and most of all- the quality and craftsmanship, of having something handmade- is priceless. I'l keep you updated on future knitting projects!

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