Friday, February 24, 2012

Do You have a Bed Time routine? Plus a weekly round up...

I've hinted on here lately, that this past week has been a bit full on... I'm not sure what made this week different than the rest...? Perhaps it's just weeks upon weeks stacking up on each other without a break in the routine of motherhood... that per chance took its toll this particular week? This is not to say that I am less happy, but when weeks tend to feel like one never ending long ass groundhog day, it does make me pause and reassess. Ultimately I want to do a little gratitude round up on this Friday... my best friend in college kept a gratitude journal and wrote in it every night!! It was a great practice (I observed) and it's something I've been thinking about lately... when it comes to my bedtime routine, how can I make my bedtime routine more peaceful and rejuvenating, a gift to myself?  Let me say, I am not one for routine, I think that was the hardest adjustment about becoming a mother- setting a routine for our baby and thus living my life around this new routine.  And it's becoming harder and harder to make time for myself... I know I could find time to work out, stretch, just sit, read, etc but I've found myself falling into the rut of not considering my needs a priority... I think in some ways I get to the point when I don't even know what my needs are, and thus I don't think to ask for help, etc until it's too late and I am officially fried!

And now our daughter is almost 16 months old and her bedtime routine is pretty predictable and comforting... and yet my routine is not. Think about it- what if every night I took a warm bath, played with my toys, was bathed by a servant ; ) then carefully dressed, read to, sung to, talked about the wonderful day, reflecting on all the fun that was had, turning off the lights- looking up at the stars artificially cast on the ceiling (thanks to a certain ladybug), more singing, kisses, cuddles and then when I was at peace- placed in my bed surrounded by soft cozy things, to hum myself to sleep...!? Get it!? I mean this would be awesome, what a gift-to-self! Do you have a pleasant bedtime routine!?

The argument against such a routine, is that my day sort of begins at 8pm when the baby is officially down and out. I hurry around, do dishes, laundry, toilet stop, then head down to my studio around 9pm and work there until 11pm or so, then I come upstairs and usually watch something on hulu with the husband (while I am still knitting or working on something), then I fall asleep tired and sore, with my mind still racing with all the crap I did not get done. It's ridiculous... and the only way I could see this changing is if our daughter went to a daycare!? But COME on! this is America... If we were in France my daughter could go to the local creche, a subsidized child care for children under 3. Well, now I'm officially rambling... so I will get to my gratitude bits from this week... And do share any bed time routines you have for yourself! I would love to hear some suggestions. Ultimately I know that not every night could be so pleasant, but it's good to know how it COULD be and thus remind myself to shoot for that goal. And I'll report back if I come up with anything for myself.

The Gratitude list/ Weekly recap: On Sunday I took my Terrain gift card and splurged on something I wouldn't typically buy for myself- a little arrangement of spring bulbs. They smell amazing next to my bed. They remind me of Easter, and I love smelling them when I fall asleep and then when I wake up in the morning (and I assume all night long too, perhaps I'll have more flowery dreams?) Our daughter loves smelling them, checking on their growth, and seeing which new buds have bloomed. (after each sniff she says "MMMMmmmmm!") And after my visit to Terrain, my curiosity of Terrariums has been rekindled, so I might take their terrarium workshop in March!

I had the morning to myself today to give myself a haircut. My last self haircut was right after Thanksgiving and it was looking baaaaaad, very grown out, sad droopy with a mullet in the back. BTW this is the AFTER shot! ; ) It's a messy take on the classic bob, and it's much shorter in the back... a little shorter than my ultimate goal, but pretty close! (I used a razor and my special scissors and really worked at pinning back sections and pacing myself, cutting it from section to section.... one of my better haircuts. I realized I've been cutting my hair for 15 years!!)

And last weekend I started knitting this doll for our daughter (since I didn't have enough yarn to start the fox stole) ... This was a FAST knit! I am adapting the Margaret Free Ravelry download Pattern into a blabla doll inspired little one. I will put three knit balls of hair on top and a little face, hopefully by the end of the weekend. I will admit that I mostly knit this doll to use up all of these strange bits of yarn I had in my stash... It's the spring clean project, and it's a good one, because you can stuff the toy with all of those bits as well! So long crazy yarn leftovers!

I also knit up this little pink number for baby Luca, my husband's BFF from Alaska's baby who was born last week. (love this pattern!)

We tried it on Mr. Bunny before we sent it in the mail! Hats are a big deal with little miss C, and so is her bunny so the combination was pretty stellar as you can see.

And on Sunday, Cam and the little miss at my parent's Player Piano, playing Moon River (because if it was Teddy Bear's Picnic she would be dancing around not sitting still!)

Well that's the little weird-o random stream of consciousness recap from me! Let me know any bed time routines for-self you may have? and have a nice weekend!


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