Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What I've learned this week and it's only Tuesday

(my Tuesday post where I share and explore what motherhood has taught me, to help demonstrate how much I am constantly learning, (some weeks more than others.))

* I earned a serious merit badge for our first time out moment in the laundry room this week... for some reason there is a communication block during snack time- when she signs and says "more" with a mouth dangerously full of snack, I patiently tell her she needs to finish what is in her mouth first.. and then she looses it- her mouth opens revealing a nasty mash of food, and that big silent build up cry forms and explodes... and then there is no turning back... thus our little time out moment when I quietly sat with her and had to wait until she calmed down before giving her more snack... phew. a good lesson in patience (I hope)

* That I'm one serious ninja- able to be stealth and sneak into her room during nap time to retrieve my forgotten cell phone.

* I might talk about myself in the third person referring to myself as "Momma" to our dog out of habit when the baby is asleep ; / Millie doesn't seem to mind.

* That sitting in the sun during our "recess" outside-fun-time before  lunch, is REALLY nice, like- really nice. And conjured up images of myself doing just that all summer long... which reminds me I should get going on making a sand box or something!

* Working on when she asks to be picked up (by saying "Up, peeeese") by not always picking her up, but instead telling her no up, and suggesting she play with this or that, or explore this or that, or help me with this or that.

* Even though we only use disposables over night with the babe, and cloth diapers during the day- the 7 disposable diapers that stack up in our trash between trash days is ROUGH... and is making me consider a cloth over night alternative- thoughts?

* Cutting her finger nails, which was once an epic task of apparent torture, is now a lot better and perhaps pleasant when I sit her in my lap and trim her nails with little nail scissors and not with her usual baby nail clippers- BIG difference... the little scissors allow me to cut close and more accurately with a curved edge rather than creating sharp daggers - leaving part of the nail tall and the other slope shorter than the nail line and harmful. (see what my mind is full of- nail cutting strategies!)

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