Monday, February 20, 2012

A Love Letter to Winter

Happy Monday! and Happy President's Day to my fellow Americans. I hope your weekend was a nice one and that it's still going strong! Ours was great and productive. The husband and I went into Philly yesterday so I could try on some Warby Parker glasses at their Philly location. I'm still going to do their at home try on, where you can order up to 5 glasses for 5 days, to really see what you want... I'll share my picks here on the blog and wait for your feedback! (But I'm pretty sure I found the pair I like on Sunday.) And then last night we had a big feast at my folk's house including Cherry Pie for George Washington of course. And then of course we watched Downton Abbey, which was a bit more "normal" this week than last. Anywho, this is my second to last "Love Letter To Winter". I'll be wrapping it up next week and looking forward to my Monday Love Letter to Spring. Have a great one!

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