Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Annie (the 1982 movie) is 30 years old this year...!

ah yes... ANNIE! What little girl wasn't influenced by this movie growing up? I know I longed for her baby blue maryjanes she wore once she lived with Daddy Warbucks! And I seriously danced around our house in the dead of winter in a white turtleneck, my underwear, and white leather maryjanes with these glittery bows on them trying to be as sleek and beautiful as the women in the number "Let's go to the Movies!". Here are some choice scenes from the film. You can watch the entire movie on youtube. I've already exposed our 15 month old daughter to "Hard knock life" she loooooves it and smiles and giggles at all the right moments, so funny how they pick up on things! Happy 30th birthday to this classic movie!

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