Monday, February 13, 2012

A Love Letter to Winter

Morning! Today's the big day when I finally open my studio shop, so this week's Love Letter to Winter will be brief cus I'm a busy girl without enough hours in the day! ; ) AND don't even get me started on last night's episode of Downton Abbey!! (warning: spoiler alert) I mean WTH is up with that maid story line? Give me a BREAK! I was yelling at the tv in disbelief, it was just not creative, not well built up or constructed, total BS. AND then everything else in the episode, I mean JEEZUS! This second season disgraces the first, it is a full on soap opera at this point... I will watch next week's final episode, but I will have a hard time tuning in for a 3rd season... of course don't quote me on this! ; ) sigh.... Have a great Monday and check back in for an official Shop ribbon cutting!

1 comment:

Hannah @ said...

That last photo is AMAZING. Wow. Here I am in NC where we haven't even had a "wintry mix" yet!


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