Thursday, February 16, 2012

Links and Such

Hey all! how's your week been going? Mine has been surprisingly busy and I honestly can't figure out why... I missed blogging yesterday due to this busyness... sorry if your wednesday was left wanting, but there are so many great blogs out there I'm sure you didn't notice! ; ) any who, here is this week's Links and Such... it's a little heavy on the knitting for the first little bit, what can I say!? Have a great Thursday!

A cute cowl neck to knit up for spring...?
speaking of knitting... this sweater is pretty righteous!
and this knitting print and this knitting tote
pretty Braid
get lost in these textiles
fantastic picture: rehearsal of West Side Story
yummy print of a cake!
101 sewing tutorials for winter
these shiny clouds would be cute and fun for any room
recipe: creamy mac and cheese with cauliflower and chard
these mocs look pretty comfy
amazing landscapes, sculpted from books

and in case you missed it: My Studio Shop is officially up and running!


Hannah @ said...

The mocs look so cozy! I love nothing so much as comfort... Okay there are a lot of things I love more actually, but ya know...

abigail said...

I KNOW! I was super excited to find those, added them to a wish list for sure! ; )


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