Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekend Project: Make a Peter Pan Collar

aaahhh can you feel it!? Spring seems to be just around the corner, and I'm stoked! And as I look ahead and think about storing away my wool accessories, I thought it would be fun to investigate the Peter Pan Collar trend for this Weekend's Project! So here's a quick little round up for you.

Above: By the blog HonestlyWTF, their tutorial is VERY cute and includes a pattern you can download!

If you want a little feminine glitz, check out this pearl collar tutorial.

And this quick little video really sums up the process nicely (similar to how I made bibs for our daughter! lol)

But if you aren't feeling crafty enough, and your sewing skills aren't up to snuff, etsy always has the answers! like this collar by hellostrumpet.

And qtpiworkshop is full of darling peter pan collars, like this floral one!

And I love the crisp denim Butterfly Collar by xMotherx.

Let me know if you make one!!

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