Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What I've learned this week, and it's only Tuesday...

(my sometimes weekly motherhood post, written with the idea that motherhood is a constant teacher.)

* taking a bath with our daughter worked at easing her new random hatred of bath time. We played with the bubbles and toys and she actually stayed in the bath for more than 5 seconds... (trade off, it seems she reserved her crying for bedtime, so that was awesome)

* the trick of dividing her food into a muffin tin kept her attention during dinner and she ate a lot of the food (on a night where she was whooped, under the weather with a bad cold and at least two new teeth)

* having her call me "Momma, Momma" over and over again upon seeing me after we have been apart is really great, it's awesome, I love it

* she's getting better when wielding a spoon, but some days she requires a wardrobe change before nap.

* speaking of naps, we are out of the 1 hour zone and into the 2-2.5 zone!! hooray! perhaps because we have "recess" everyday before lunch, and if she does wake up after only an hour, I don't go to her, I let her wrestle around until she falls back asleep.

* Never leave her tiny bowl of cucumber within reach when you are out of reach, it leads to a toddler's mouth FULL of veg. Which I'm happy she's into I'm just not into the whole chocking thing.

* a little baby fever is made better with lots of hugs and cuddling (see above picture, sad little one)

* I love listening to her singing and chatting to her animals before she falls asleep and after she wakes up in the morning. (I also love watching her "read" to herself, while turning the pages. And "counting" favorite objects in and around the house.)

* her solo outdoor playtime, where she wonders around on her own, discovering and inventing games, is beginning to translate to her indoor playtime, making her more independent with a longer attention span, which is great!

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