Thursday, February 9, 2012

Links and Such

word. Here are this week's Links and Such!

DIY waxed denim jeans
get lost in this Downton Abbey  post
love these "bag in a bag" makes changing purses super fast and easy!
browse these international hip shops
how awesome is this quilt!?
love this plate
check out this super shed!
the return of Domino Magazine!!!
you can buy me these earrings
hand soap set... maybe bring a little joy back to bath time?
for the day when I have an iPhone (and once it is made for the iPhone 4)
a $hit pillow
5 regrets of the dying

and from my blog this week:

Put an egg on it- a round up of poached and fried egg inspired recipes
my first Music Monday post
Love Letter to Winter, v-day edition


Hannah said...

No need to post my own links any time soon because I could just send readers to yours! Okay, kidding, but these are great. Thanks!

abigail said...

thanks Hannah! lol yeah by all means spread the word about my weekly post! ;) and thanks for all of your other comments! so great to hear feedback about the blog and to find another maine-lover! ; )

Julie said...

Gah! So many awesome links - so little time! :)


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