Thursday, February 23, 2012

Links and Such

Hey All! how's your week been!? Mine has been nuts, AGAIN! I won't go into the details (mostly cus it reads like a boring grocery list!), but just know that I've been trying... trying to get back to emails, phone calls, stuff.... I thought the above quote was a good one to keep in mind when we feel impatient about reaching our goals... Anywho, My WarbyParker glasses came today and I'm excited to share the 5 pairs I ordered for their at home try on... maybe you can help me decide!? I'll post pics either this afternoon or more likely tomorrow. In the meantime, here are this week's Links and Such!

An honest and dear article from A Cup Of Jo
grow celery indoors
Love this interior
a different take on the elbow patch, an easy DIY
pretty scarves
I want this rug, real bad, will take donations! ; )
check out this chair! our daughter's room could use something like this...
365 days of vintage, girlfriend has a lot of vintage!
Fox Socks and a bow tie of course
A new dog bed for Millie?
another great example of cleaning with Vinegar
A great way to organize children's books
cute gift wrapping
darling necklace

In Case you missed it from me:
NEW to my studio shop: Custom Silhouettes
Josh Ritter's newest Video, pretty awesome!
More added to STUNNING

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