Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Week in pictures....

Just some little shots from our week thanks to Instagram!

Above: the babe takes the initiative and helps Dad wash the car.

Planting the beets, spinach, and lettuce in the garden, and of course playing with the hose.

All canvas bags at GrayDayStudio will now come with two interior pockets! Making the bag a perfect summer grab and go accessory!

I repainted the chipping and rusted furniture that belonged to my sister and myself, that now lives in the baby's room... I lightly dusted the metal with a creamy spray paint, and sanded the wood free of the chipping varnish and painted it a light violet-blue.

Queen of bath time...

The view from the hammock...

Millie shouts, "Have a great weekend!"

and I agree!


1 comment:

bridget anne said...

millie is too cute for words!


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