Friday, April 6, 2012

Our week in pictures...

I hope you all had a great week and a fantastic long weekend if you do indeed have one! I thought I would share a little round up of my instagram pictures as a look back on our week. There was plenty of time outdoors, gardening and beekeeping... I'm so throughly impressed with the bees, I am guilty of some childlike wonderment for sure. It does my heart good. Thus don't be surprised to see more beekeeping posts in the future! 

Our two new beds look more like coffins, but are a vast improvement from our deteriorating stone bed that was full of ants... We filled them with dirt this morning, which means next up is planting towards the end of the month and a sand box and green teepee for the little one ASAP.

Here I am looking stellar with bed head and garden clothes- and my ghostbuster-esque flame weeder that we used to kill the large ant nests that were built beneath our beds. Some times you have to be extreme. I aint afraid a no ants!

little dogs enjoying the peace that comes with the toddler's nap time.

The little miss before our weekly music class.

Received our saltwater sandals this week. I like the yellow, they will work well with my bone white legs that never tan. And the toddler ones ran big (?) so I might just keep the red ones for the babe to grow into. sizing and colors were limited but the results are cute! ; )

The bees flying around the hive after we smoked them so we could get in their and add a few more screens and replenish the sugar water.

While doing a bit of bee maintenance on Thursday- we spotted the queen of hive #1. She is marked with a yellow dot and has a long solid-tan body. Hello your highness!  So awesome.

The bees made two large combs in the 5 days they have been living in the hives. Unfortunately we had to remove them since they were in the way of where we needed to put other screens, (in the gap created by the queen's temporary travel cage).  It's a shame that their work was in vain, but they can still gather the orange pollen and use it again... very impressive, mad respect!

a little floral treat

Dad and Daughter after nap time... another long week where Cam hasn't seen much of the babe...

Little goodies for the babe's easter basket. I knit her a lamb, and two eggs (I'm under the allusion that I can knit her one more thing by Sunday...!?) and the Boston pillow I scored on FAB back in February after receiving a fatty site credit! Have a great weekend!  

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