Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ode to the Coast of Maine, As seen from Wolfe's Neck State Park

We had a pretty full "to-do" list for our trip to Maine last week, and right at the top was going on a little hike at Wolfe's Neck State Park. This became a favorite destination for the husband and I... I would hike here when I was pregnant in the summer of 2010. Even two days before she was born- the husband took me here and inadvertently made me climb a very steep hill! Which I did because I am a rockstar. And then we brought the wee babe back here at only a few months old during a very snowy hike ... this was a place we saw ourselves bringing our daughter through out the years... moving from Maine has thrown a bit of a wrench in our plans ; ) but we will squeeze in trips in the time between grad school and our return to the state.  ANYWAY- I wanted to share with you some pictures and a little video I took. It was lightly snowing when we arrived and it was low tide. I could have stayed there all day just soaking in the view and the silence, it was very peaceful. But with a toddler in toe, lunch and nap time determined our schedule... If you ever find yourself in Freeport Maine- check out Wolfe's Neck, it's truly awesome.


She had a great time picking up little snails and rocks, she was captivated. So much so that she didn't notice how wet she got, until she DID and then poof back to the car we went!

Her pants drying out on our drive back into Freeport for lunch. (The husband wrapped our fleece picnic car blanket around the baby's legs to warm her up. Thankfully the blanket lives in the trunk all year long! genius.)

Sacked out on our way back into Portland.

I'll share more about our trip through out the rest of the week. In two more installments- "Road tripping with a toddler" and a "General pictorial recap of sorts..." I felt that the coast deserved it's own feature. Have a great day!

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